FanBest publishes “Conclusion report on stakeholder landscape supporting Blue Economy in the Atlantic Region”

The presented report is part of WP4 of the FANBEST (Funding Atlantic Network for Blue Economy Technology Transfer; Project and is addressing Action 4.1. related to analysis of the stakeholder and agent landscape in the Blue Economy (BE) in the Atlantic Area.

The report is meant as a conclusion report presenting an Atlantic wide methodology for the collection and analysis of spatial and non-spatial information of stakeholders supporting BE and the evaluation of results on the distribution and type of stakeholders present in the five countries of the Atlantic area (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal).

The method was based on a stuctured BE Stakeholder Directory and compirses over 600 stakeholder of local, regional, national and international (EU wide and global) level, playing a potential role (financier, service providers, research/innovators, regulators/policy makers and other) in the Atlantic BE landscape. Results from the analysis were presented in terms of geospatial distribution of stakeholdes and in terms of quantitative respresentation of the stakeholder type (e.g. public institutions, private companies, investment banks, clusters, crowed funding organizations, etc…).

The report draws attention on a set of conclusions and recommandations on the current oppportunities and challenges of mapping BE stakeholders across the Atlantic Area, the financial instruments available at sectoral and at territorial level.

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