Ideas and projects competition for the promotion of blue economy

Turn your idea into an innovative blue economy project and gain international recognition!

The process of detection and selection of ideas and new projects to promote the blue economy is carried out in a competition format. To participate, interested parties must present their idea or project in a short, through which they will apply to be selected as participants in the competition


After the deadline for submission 11 May, the 30 best ideas or projects will be selected and will be assisted by experts to produce a professional video and compete for the award in the category corresponding to the theme of their idea/project.


Participation may be individual or collective natural persons or exiting companies, and the prize-winners will receive:


  Repercussion and representation of the 10 winning projects and 20 runners-up in a face-to-face event in Santiago de Compostela, which will also be broadcast on telematic media.

  Certificate of participation in the competition.

  Participation in an audiovisual catalogue of projects, produced within the framework of the Fan-Best project.

  Recognition of the project in online and offline media (social networks and project website).

  Interview for press coverage.

  10-second clip for online media promotion.


Blue economy sectors:


  Fisheries, aquaculture, processing and distribution industry, biotechnology and marine biomass.

  Marine renewable energies

  Transport and logistics


  Coastal and maritime tourism

  Training and support service



Transversals in Blue Economy


  Blue female innovators

  Digital innovators

  Green innovators

  Social innovators