This services is RD&I support aiding SME companies enabling the process of realisation of initial innovation ideas towards product development. Senior researchers and a dedicated researcher will engage actively with micro and SME businesses and stakeholders to help advance innovation ideas to a next stage that helps the businesses to progress the technology to next technology readiness levels (TRL).


This business-facing team’s knowledge and skills will reflect the individual companies needs and will use the means of feasibility studies or design assessments to advice on next stage technology developments.


The RD&I Support team members are responsible for helping to direct applicants to RD&I opportunities and aiding in the implementation, including assisting in identifying fund opportunities for industry applicants. We expect this dedicated innovation support to advance businesses to clearly understand RD&I businesses opportunities and enhance willingness to grow its RD&I commitments.


– Comprehensive RD&I support through engagement with world class research and expertise. This accelerates the stage at which SMEs product and take it to market. FanBest will listen to SME ideas and then work closely with them to develop the product.

– Fanbest will also signpost businesses to other sustainable national and local funding opportunities, both for early stage and follow on funding.



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