The CAPITALIZATION STRATEGY is mainly focused in spreading the results and successful experiences implemented within the ccess to others entities and targets. The results of the actions and projects will be shared and disseminated to reach other territories and the solutions to make easier ccess to funds for entrepreneurs and start-ups.


Exploitation plan for innovations and financial instruments

Presentation of portfolio of funds and new financial intrument

Transnational Seminar for Development of Innovative Partnerships in the Blue Sector

Network of Helpdesks for technology transfer to market


Identification of the financial needs to propel innovation in Blue Economy in Atlantic Regions.

Is aimed to know the potentil of the R+D at the universities, companies and other centres from Atlantic Regions related with blue biotechnology and marine natural resources as well as the Mapping of stakeholders and existing agents.


Mapping of stakeholders and existing agents with information about actors that can play a role for bringing investments for innovation at the Atlantic regions. (UNEXE)

Analysis of the potential of Atlantic R+D+i for blue growth: the potential of the R+D generated at the universities, companies and other centres from Atlantic Regions related with blue biotechnology and marine natural resources. (USC)

Roundtables for Women innovating in the Blue Sector: Great Manchester CC and Ryan academy will organise 2 events (in Manchester and in Dublin) focused on women leading the innovation in blue economy from Atlantic Regions.

Ideation/hacathon to propel new solutions for Blue Growth: Ryanacademy in Dublin aimed at generating ideas and solutions to problems in the industry in the marine resources sector priorized by the project with participants of Ireland and the other territories.


Development of tools to foster B2B and R+D links

These actions will have all direct effect to improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups and the products will have continuity.


Campaigns to disseminate and recruit agents and beneficiaries: contacts, meetings and presentation events in different regions.

Transnational Programme for improving capacities of advisors and support services about fund raising for technology transfer: Online training programme for technicians and advisors at technology valorisation and transfer units: to improve knowledge on financing support of scaling up of spin offs and startups in blue economy.

Platform of STOCK MARKET of technology and innovations in marine resources by USC

Design of a Set of Financial Instruments aimed to fund innovation projects in blue biotechnology and marine resources.

Virtual missions in Blue growth sectors : GMCC will organize in collaboration with the rest of the partners some webinars and facilitate “virtual” platform for innovative projects promoters and investors or mentors, exchange best practices and develop commercial links.


Coaching of investment projects by the network.

This activity is aimed to financing of 7 innovation projects in Blue Economy as demonstration of the technical and economic viability.


Preparatory action: selection of participants and projects.

Coach and monitoring of the funded projects.

Environmental and socioeconomic impact Evaluation by Vertigo Lab

Manual for financing innovation in start- ups and new companies in Atlantic regions by UC.

The FANBEST project also includes other management, coordination and communication activities.