FANBEST creates STOCK MARKET, a portal to transfer Blue Economy innovations and technologies in the Atlantic Area

Among the activities of the FANBEST project is the creation of a “Portal for the transfer of innovations and technologies of the Blue Economy in the Atlantic Area” called “Stock Market“. This will function as a meeting point between research entities, technology centres and companies with mature technologies and innovations that want to bring them to the market in the short or medium term, and investment entities potentially interested in investing in these technologies to boost the Blue Economy of the European Union. Priority will be given to technologies of levels: TRL4, TRL5, TRL6, TRL7, TRL8 or TRL9 – Technology Readiness Levels.


The identification of these technologies and innovations will also allow the participating entities to benefit from the support services for the search for financing that FAN-BEST foresees to support the access to the market of the technologies and innovations applied in different sectors of the Blue Economy: Aquaculture, coastal tourism, marine biotechnology, ocean energy, deep sea mining.

Download the brochure of Stock Market in this link