FANBEST partners travel to Nantes for final meeting

FANBEST partners travel to Nantes for final meeting

FANBEST partners travelled last Tuesday to Nantes for the final meeting of the project to review and closing of ongoing activities in each WP and elaborate the final reporting period.

In addition, on Wednesday the partners travelled to the Atlanpole premises, where the FAN-BEST public event and the 10th anniversary of Atlanpole’s acceleration programme dedicated to support early stage eco-innovation start-ups, called “Eco-innovation factory”, took place. 

The day included a visit to the SEM-REV test centre and the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm. At SEM-REV, there was a guided tour of the installed facilities onsite, namely: 

    • FLOATGEN: a floating offshore wind turbine.
    • SEALHYFE: the first offshore renewable hydrogen production pilot plant developed by LHYFE and housed on the WAVEGEM platform, a hybrid wave and solar power buoy developed by GEPS Techno.

There was also a guided tour of the Escal’Atlantic museum dedicated to the history of large cruise ship naval construction and a presentation of the CANOPEE boat by the founder. This boat is berthed in Saint-Nazaire (without its wings) and represents the world’s first modern cargo ship with wind-assisted propulsion.

Finally, an event on GreenTech and impact entrepreneurship took place. The FAN-BEST team took this opportunity to present the latest services implemented and the results delivered by the project.