Fanbest Online training programme

This is a transnational programme to enhance the capacity of advisers and support services in fundraising for technology transfer.

This task corresponds to an online training programme aimed at improving knowledge on financial support and good practices applicable to start-ups (including spin-offs) and larger-scale enterprises in the blue economy.

The programme mainly targets two types of beneficiaries located in the European Atlantic Area:

  • Main target: consultants/trainers of incubators and accelerators, development agencies, knowledge transfer department of universities, etc
  • Secondary objective: any entrepreneur, researcher and manager with an interest in the Blue Economy

Each unit consists of up to 6 webinars. The duration of a webinar is between 60 to 120 minutes maximum including a question and answer session with the attendees. The webinars will make use of the Zoom platform and interactive tools to interact with the attendees. Training and material will be provided in English.

The materials and audiovisual recordings will be posted on the project’s youtube channel and protected by a password for each student. In addition,
additional relevant training material, such as references, exercises, useful tool templates, self-assessment questionnaires, etc. will be uploaded to a Google drive account.

The units are described below:

  1. UNIT 1 – Business planning and launching (September 2020->October 2020)
  2. UNIT 2 – Marketing and communication (October 2020)
  3. UNIT 3 – Access to market (November 2020 ->December 2020)
  4. UNIT 4 – Product development and scaling up (December 2020 -> January 2021)
  5. UNIT 5 – Access to finance (February 2021->March 2021)
  6. UNIT 6 – Blue economy (September 2020 ->March 2021 runs in parallel to the other 5 units)