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Within the INTERREG Atlantic Area Project FANBEST (Funding Atlantic Network for Blue Economy Technology Transfer) an online transnational training programme composed by a series of webinars to enhance the capacity of advisers, support services, researchers and entrepreneurs in fundraising for technology transfer in the Blue Economy.



The Webinars are FREE OF CHARGE with a duration per webinar between 60 to 120 minutes maximum including a question/ answer session and practical exercises with the attendees. The webinars will make use of the Zoom platform and interactive tools to promote interact of attendees with supervisors. Training and material will be provided in English.


What: 8 Webinars (duration 60-120 minutes per webinar)

When: November 2020 to January 2021 (see below the overview of the webinar programme)

Who: The Training Programme has the following target group

      • Main target: consultants/trainers of incubators and accelerators, development agencies, knowledge transfer department of universities, etc
      • Secondary objective: any entrepreneur, researcher and manager with an interest in the Blue Economy


For further information on the Training Programme please contact: (BlueBio Alliance); (Boris Teillant, Blue Economy Project Manager at Atlanpole)




Overview of the FANBEST Training Programme on Transnational Programme  for capacity building of Advisors, Coaches and Support Services for Blue Economy Technology Transfer in the Atlantic Area.


# Webinar Content When
1 Market Segmentation / User Needs Who are your most important customers? Who influences? Who decides? Who uses? Which are the main characteristics of your clients? Can you group them as distinct segments? Needs Before Wants in User Experiences Time Nov 11 2020; 02:00 PM Lisbon time
Market Pull & Push Strategies /  Demand  Forecasting
How to find Early Adopters The Difference Between

Push and Pull Marketing Strategies
Push Marketing Basics and Examples
Pull Marketing Basics and Examples
Estimate Market Size (Top-down and Bottom-up
Total Available Market
Serviceable Available Market
Serviceable Obtainable Market

Time Nov 18 2020;
02:00 PM Lisbon
3 Paint point analysis Risk Diagnostic
Investment Readiness Level
Time Nov 25 2020;
02:00 PM Lisbon
4 Competitive Landscape Analysis What is the problem that we are resolving?
Is it an important problem?
What is the solution that we are proposing?
What is the value we provide to the customer?
What are the main attributes of our value
Time Dec 02 2020;
02:00 PM Lisbon
5 Strategic Management / Lean Approach Context Analysis
Mission Statement, Vision and Values
Strategy map
Project Model Canvas
Lean Startup Approach and Customer
Time Dec 16 2020;
02:00 PM Lisbon
6 Product Development How to design and develop a newly or rebranded product or service

Phases of new product development

Importance of prototyping

Open Innovation and working with external

Time Jan 12 2021;
02:00 PM Lisbon
7 HR management / Pivoting and diversifying How to choose a team

Team management

Human resources contracts

How to Diversify & pivot your business?

Diversification strategies

Time Jan 19 2021;
02:00 PM Lisbon
8 Growth strategies / International market penetration Fundraising strategies

How to develop roundtables with Investors

Build an Effective international Market Penetration Strategy

Case studies of internationalization to American and European markets

Time Jan 26 2021;
02:00 PM Lisbon