Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela Spain

Lead Partner.
USC, founded in 1495, has been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education in the top ten as one of the International Campus of Excellence. Applied Financial Valuation Group is expert in financial simulation, project valuation, innovative projects, financial risk management and entrepreneurship.

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is an award-winning Chamber and the largest in the UK. We represent c.4,800-members with over 460,540 employees, across all industry sectors. We have 10 full time staff within our International Trade team and engage annually with over 2,000 companies.

University Of Exeter

University Of Exeter United Kingdom

This group at the University of has been involved in various EU project such as the demonstration project CORES, ITN OceaNet, Interreg project MERIFIC, supporting tool development project DTOcean; and demonstration project OPERA and transnational access project Marinet 1 and Marinet2.

Institute of Technology Tralee

Institute of Technology Tralee Ireland

Key stakeholder in SE Ireland and operates in quadruple helix through a variety of channels. Expertise in Innovation, entrepreneurship, in particular female, start-ups, SME scaling and upskilling, open innovation platforms and marketplace development. It owns Shannon applied biotechnology centre.

DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurs

DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurs Ireland

Support for entrepreneurs (with special attention for women) and startup ecosystem provider; dedicated spaces where startups can obtain advice, partners and grow locally or internationally. Mainly by improving startups’ capabilities to scale up, raise capital or enter new markets.

Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia Portugal

FRCT coordinates and manage in Azores the financial resources available for scientific research and technological development from European and International programs. FRCT facilitates the link between the scientific and technological system of the Azores to participate in R+D projects

Orange Bird

Orange Bird Portugal

Experience in implementing and managing several crowdfunding platforms. It owns and operates a reward-based crowdfunding platform since 2012 and has been offering white-label services since 2012.

Vertigo Lab

Vertigo Lab France

Think-and-do-tank specialized in environmental project and policy evaluation, and the development of innovative tools to reconnect environmental management with public policy and the economy. Evaluation and consulting for both public and private organizations from local to international level.



Science park, incubator and Business innovation center including fields like Blue Economy, Marine Bioressources, stimulates dynamic innovation. Promoting networking to develop the synergies between business and research, emergence, creation and development of innovative companies and start-ups.

Océano Azul. Inversión y Emprendimiento S.L

Océano Azul. Inversión y Emprendimiento S.L Spain

Business Angels network focused on seed and early stage funding. International recognised experts on deep technology with wide experience on business models, market structures (players, features, contract models, cost structures, special manufacturing conditions, current market conditions, etc.).


Local Enterprise Office Kerry

Local Enterprise Office Kerry Ireland

Associated Partner.
Kerry Local Enterprise Office is a unique branded enterprise support office with Kerry County Council. A network of thirty one Local Enterprise Offices are based nationally through the local authorities and will still act as ‘one stop shops’ to deliver enterprise supports in their local regions.

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom

Associated Partner.
Marketing, events, social media, skills training, export documents, national and international connectivity, schools liaison

Université de La Rochelle

Université de La Rochelle France

Associated Partner.
The entity will act as observer, advisor and will shared the best practices. It will be informed about execution: to establish a support network of public and private entities focused on the fund raising that make possible the start and scale-up phase.